About Us

Who we are

The University of Utah chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) is the official student organization for anyone with interest in meteorology. Not only does it consist of atmospheric science undergraduate and graduage students, but also of weather enthusiasts from all over campus. The AMS is part of ASUU and is open to all University of Utah students.

Benefits of AMS membership

Campus Weather Services

The University of Utah Student AMS Chapter has one of the most updated and detailed campus forecasts in the country. Students update the forecast six days a week, working in forecast groups led by an experienced graduate student. The campus forecast is used in the campus newspaper, at the campus information kiosks, on K-UTE radio, on my.utah.edu, by the general public, and the home page of the university.

The Student AMS also runs utahskiweather.com, which provides unique and detailed forecasts for the ski resorts of northern Utah, as well as in depth weather and snow condition discussions. It is updated 7 days a week.

Campus Forecast Group Photo
  Students participate in a forecast group discussion.