Interested in Forecasting?

The University of Utah Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society is looking for forcasters to volunteer to serve the University of Utah Campus Forecast during the spring semester of 2011.

Open to All

Anyone affiliated with the University of Utah - students, staff or faculty - are welcome to join the Campus Forecast team!

No Experience Necessary!

Current campus forecasters will train new forecasters with the knowledge and tools to create a 5 day forecast for the University of Utah campus. It's fun and easy!

How Often Will I forecast?

Forecasters can forecast as often as they like, whether it be one day per week or every day of the week. We are flexible and will accomodate anyone's schedule. Once entered into the forecast calendar, the forecaster will analyze the weather and create a forecast on that day. A 5 day forecast generally takes between 30 minutes and an hour to create.

Where are the Forecasts Done?

Generally, forecasts are done in the Campus Forecast room, 708 WBB, but they can be done anywhere, even at home.

Why Become a Forecaster?

Forecasting is, of course, fun! Our current forecasters truly love what they do. It is also the best way to know what the week's weather is going to be. Not only that, but forecasters learn why the weather works the way it does. Furthermore, being a campus forecaster is an excellent resume item. It is a great experience, and it is a great way to learn about the atmosphere and weather in a laid-back, fun manner... and hey, being wrong is OK! You will also get your name published on the forecast page of the U home page. Forecasts are also published in the Daily Utah Chronicle.

If you're interested or would like more information, please contact:

Ben Foreback -

or Jon Zawislak -

Again, no experience is necessary, it is only a one hour per week commitment, it is open to everyone regardless of field of study, and it is a fun learning experience that looks great to future employers or graduate schools! Please consider joining the forecast team.


Our Current Forecast Team

Jon Zawislak, Forecast Director - Graduate student in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Zach Hansen, AMS Secretary - Junior in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Jon Rutz - Graduate student in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and NWS intern

April Cooper - Junior in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Ben Foreback, AMS President - Graduated from Department of Atmospheric Sciences, senior in Department of Physics

Forecast Schedule